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Full Exterior and Interior Auto Detailing at Niagara Tint Shop

Has your car become a scrapbook of all the places it’s been? Is it bearing the marks of the soccer team’s muddy cleats, the smell of fast-food meals and the stains from the road to your favourite campground? It’s time to bring back the proudest memory you have of your car – the day you drove it off the dealer’s lot, breathing that new car smell and admiring the shiny dashboard and clean upholstery. Drive in to Niagara Tint Shop and take advantage of our thorough interior and exterior auto detailing packages.

Engine Compartment Shampoo & Detail

Winter driving in southern Ontario is tough on your car. While you can usually see the effects of salt and mud on your car’s exterior, you may not see the corrosive effects that road salt can have on your engine. If you do a lot of driving in heavy snow conditions or if you’ve recently had engine problems or engine repairs, bring your vehicle to Niagara Tint Shop for an engine compartment shampoo. We’ll remove the sticky chemicals from engine leaks and road salt that can cause the condition of your engine to erode over time.

Vehicle Rejuvenation Packages: Make It Look, Feel & Smell Like New

Buying a used car can be a boon for your budget but a blow to your pride in your vehicle! At Niagara Tint Shop, we use proven products and techniques to remove stains and odours and restore your vehicle to showroom condition. Our vehicle rejuvenation packages include:

  • Shampooing and cleaning of interior upholstery
  • Complete car wash of the exterior, undercarriage and tires
  • Application of stain-resistant protectants to the upholstery
  • Application of rust protection and paint sealant

Don’t have time to bring your car in? Use our mobile service today to schedule an appointment and get your car back in tiptop shape!

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